Salak Phet

1. Location

The Salak Phet community is set in the East of Koh Chang, which is located in the East of Central Thailand in the gulf of Thailand close to Cambodian border.

2. Highights

“Enjoy another peaceful community in the East of Koh Chang, visit orchards and see mangrove forest presented by proud residents.”

3. Why is Salak Phet special?

Salak Phet community is , same as Salak Kok, set in the peaceful East of Koh Chang. People here are living from fishing as well as their beautiful orchards. Tourism is not necessary for livelihood of people, they just want to share their wisdom about fruit gardening and living in balance with nature.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Fishing and Orchards

Salak Phet has a nice little fisherman’s village where visitors can see the fisherman’s way of living, which is not reliable on tourism, like on the other side of Koh Chang. Besides the fishery, Salak Phet has also a fruitful orchard to provide some extra income for the community. The local guides are very proud to show visitors the variety of tropical fruits.

  • Walk through the mangrove forest

A red wooden path will lead you to the end of the forest towards the sea. Here you can cool down on a little pier in the shadows of the Mangrove trees and just enjoy the breathtaking view.

  • Why don’t you stay for a while?

For those who want to stay overnight can sleep at Fluk’s Resort, also known as ‘Flukie’s House’ by the locals. The owner of Fluk’s Resort is eager to show his visitors the local way of life on the island and organizes day trips to the mountains and kayaking routes to the most beautiful and quiet beaches.

5. Green corner: People and Planet

People on the East side of the islands are doing their best to learn from mistakes of their neighbors in the West. They want to avoid the kind of mass tourism which is over flooding this part of the island. Therefore the East is focused on small scale businesses, sustainable capacity building and selling products with smallest environmental impacts.