Noen Sai

1. Location

The community is located in Trat District from which is set 1 hour direction north of Chanthaburi. It is close to the coast and heads Koh Chang and Koh Mak in north direction.

2. Highlights

“Visit a proud community which is pleased to show you all their traditions and skills in the surrounding of rivers and mangrove forest”

3. Why is Noen Sai special?

The residents of the community are kind and warm-hearted, therefore they are very much willing to share their local way of life with visitors. As the Noen Sai community is very proud of their local wisdom they are proud to present their food processing and weaving skills. In Noen Sai all activities are easy to reach by bicycle, therefore most tours are carried out by bicycle.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Educational bicycle tour

Visitors have the chance to cycle to the orchard garden where you can learn more about the history of the orchards in Noen Sai while tasting and collecting fruit. Beside learning about the history of the orchards, the villagers are also eager to explain about their local techniques of how to produce natural fertilizers to increase the quality of fruits and how to make herbal medicine.

  • Thai Sweets

A unique skill in the Noen Sai community is the making of Thai sweets. Visitors have the opportunity to make their own Thai sweets, where women from the community will teach how to process the sweets from start to end product and of course there is time to taste your self-made sweets!

  • Boat tour

If you are seeking for a more nature focused activity, there is the opportunity to go on a boat tour through the mangrove forests. The boat tour shows the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Noen Sai and introduces you to the fisherman’s life.

  • Weaving roofs

For the more creative ones, it is worth to attend a palm leaf weaving workshop where local people learn visitors how to make roofs for houses of palm tree leafs.

5. Green Corner: People and Planet

The community works together with local community college and want to transfer their wisdom about traditional handcraft to the younger generation. This cooperation is also used to improve English skills through the work with foreign guests. In Noen Sai the focus is definitely set on educational purposes, for locals and visitors.