Khao Bai Sri

1. Location

The Khao Bai Sri community is located in the Chanthaburi district which is set about 3 hours from Bangkok in north east direction. The district ends at the Cambodian border.

2. Highlights

“Khao Bai Sri is orchard valley. See the highest durian tree, learn about fruit gardening and cook yourself picked fruit and vegetables with the host family”

3. Why is Khao Bai Sri special?

Kao Bai Sri is well known of its diverse agriculture. The community plants many different kinds of fruits such as bananas, durian, krawan, guava, mangosteen and racham. Visitors can have a tour through the orchards of the Kao Bai Sri community. In total there are six gardens all having its own specialty, there are even original durian trees which are 100 years old! These trees function as a representative of the area of Chantaburi and are also seen as the king of fruit. The orchard tours are recommendable during the fruit season in May, June and July, as visitors have the chance to taste the fruits and pick them up from the trees by themselves.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Learn and cook

In the orchards there are many special type of leafs which are used for cooking, visitors who stay overnight at the community have the chance to collect these leafs and learn how to cook them with the host family.

  • Horse riding

For the ones who are interested in Horse riding, Kao Bai Sri is the place to be. Experience horse riding in a different setting, walk through the fruit gardens and rubber plantations by horse and have a lunch at the horse ranch.

5. Green Corner: People and Planet

One of the main reasons why the area of Chantaburi is so successful within the orchard business is because they have a special underground water system of 10 meters deep, this is used as a special planting methodology for the trees and fruits. As Part of their program the community explains about this unique water system and tries to transfer knowledge to visitors.