Chaiya CBT Network

1. Location

The Chaiya CBT network is located in one of the oldest cities of Thailand named Chaiya. It is set about 50 km along the east cost of the southern part of Thailand into direction of central Thailand. The Chaiya Network consists of 19 communities.

2. Highlights

“Diversity is the topic in Chaiya Network. From visiting and planting mangrove forest, over watching the famous Chaiya boxing to farming and silk weaving are a lot of things possible to do.”

3. Why is Chaiya CBT Network special?

The communities of Chaiya Network are all very special and show various cultural aspects as people in the district do a lot of different thing for living. Next to the mangrove forest set on the river which passes Baan Poom Riang, the area houses a lot of old temples which are also used as stages for the famous traditional Chaiya boxing events. As this part of Thailand is famous for salty eggs there are also a lot of production locations to find. The old tradition of weaving silk in difficult and beautiful patterns becomes very rare nowadays, but you can still see it in Chaiya Network districts.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Conservation and culture

The program includes a visit at the mangrove forest, where visitors have the ability to plant mangroves for the conservation of the area.

  • Art ,culture and history

Visitors will see the Thai Muay Chaiya boxing which takes place in the temple. This special type of boxing is famous throughout the whole of Thailand and is different from Muay Thai boxing because of its own unique techniques and moves. Beside the special location of the Muay Thai boxing, this temple named Suan Mok was founded by the famous monk Phra buddhadasa , who is on the UNESCO list of appreciated people for fundamental political decision.

  • Not that fit anymore?

This program is a mixture of the two programs and is focused on elderly or less mobile visitors and includes more natural aspects and less hands on activities such as a boat trip and relaxing stay at the beach.

  • Salted eggs

The area is famous of its salted eggs, visitors come from every corner of Thailand to order the eggs which are made with a special methodology. When visiting the egg farm you can carry out the process of the egg making yourself and learn about the special strategy of the egg making.

  • Textile learning center

You can see how the local women create the most difficult patterns of silk and batiks.

  • The old silk house

Visit two well known elderly women create the most beautiful patterns of silk which takes them months to finish, these women even designed and made silk clothing for the anterior princes of Thailand! And for the ones who get fascinated by the weaving, there is the opportunity to buy a beautiful handmade piece fitting your personal style at the local shop.

5. Green Corner: People and Planet

As the Chaiya District is one of the oldest districts in Thailand, the communities work hard to conserve and protect their natural resources. They take it very serious, have regular meetings and implemented official rules and regulations to reduce waist and manage resources. The communities work together with NGO’s, the government and nature protecting institutions. In 2007 the Network was awarded with the Sustainable Resource Management Award of Thailand. Additionally the residents take part in trainings to improve safety skills and the capacity of lifeguards. Together with local schools and volunteers the communities plant mangroves.