Sam Chong Nuea

1. Location

The Sam Chong Nuea Community, named after the 3 canals of the north which pass the area, is set in Pang Nga Province in the South of Thailand. The village is located like an island and used the three canals as a way for exchange goods between fisherman’s an farmer’s villages, as the area was rich of rice, palm oil and rubber. Nowadays the village has 227 households with 1050 residents which are mostly gaining their livelihood from fishing.

2. Highlights

“The fisherman’s village of Sam Chong Nuea is an open minded, very friendly and beautiful place on earth. No cars, no scooters: just you and local life.”

3. Why is Sam Chong Nuea special?

The Sam Chong Nuea Community is set directly on the shore of one of the three canals of the North. You can’t enter the community with a car or scooter, you need to take a boat to cross the river and reach the village. All the nice fisherman houses are built on stalks, connected with long footbridges.
The canals around the village are the base for livelihood of local people. They go out to the sandbanks to catch shells after the water level felt again, catch fishes with cages and hands on the seaside and gain from mangrove forest which is home to a great diversity of species.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Fishing

During your stay in this original fisherman’s village you have the possibility to participate in fishing activities and explore the fisherman’s life. Learn how to make shrimp paste from local ingredients or go by boat to the mangrove forest to find shells for your dinner, including a worthy boat trip through the silent waters of the canal.

  • Culture workshop

Also you can choose to learn more about the daily local life and have a tour through the village, during this walk you will see how the local people gain their income from fishing and other food processing activities. People are very open minded and always happy to show their work and living.

  • Relax at James Bond Island

If you are interested in a bit more touristic activity you can go to the “James bond” island , the community can arrange a boat to bring you to the island where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and clear white beaches.

5. Green Corner: People and Planet

The Sam Chong Nuea community is very common. Residents of the village have built a CBT group some years ago and are regularly having meetings. They are very creative and focused and try to stimulate the development of their community. Locals are very good organized, some are speaking English and they are always looking for feedback to improve their product. All in all the Sam Chong Nuea community is very good developed and worth a visit.