Baan Laem

1. Location

The community is located on the east coast of Thailand 25 km north of Nakhon Si Thammarat and 10 km south of Tha Sala.

2. Highlights

“This is hands on! Assist the local men to plant mangroves, catch shells in flat water or fishing on the sea. Get taught how to weave palm leafs by the women.”

3. Why is Ban Laem special?

The Ban Laem community is a very open minded and kind Muslim community. It is set on the sea, which is mirrored in the charming fisherman’s houses and pears. People live from fishing and fruit planting, and as an additional income they are producing bird nests, which are sold in Indonesia, Malaysia and China as a delicacy.

4. Don’t miss…

Activities for guests

  • Mangrove Planting

Ban Laem had some troubles in the past with over flooding sea, the earth was drawn to the houses and a solution had to be found. Therefore they have chosen together with the government to expend the mangrove forest near the village and plant more of them. You can visit the mangrove forest by boat and put on short pants/bathing suit to be able to participate in planting mangrove trees.

  • Fishing

Wake up early and go fishing for 4 hours with the local fisherman, learn how to catch several different species and which equipment to use. You will also be taken out to flat sea areas to catch shells and enjoy yourself fished dish in the evening.

  • Weaving

You can learn from the local women how to weave palm tree leafs.

  • Bird nests

The community of Ban Laem is producer of bird nests, which are a delicacy in Indonesia, China and Malaysia. Visitors get informed about production as the product is rare to find and expensive as well. Take this as an opportunity to ask all you want to know about the bird nests.

  • Bird watching

Nature loving guests can also go for birdwatching, as there are many different species set in the area, hiding in the mangrove forest.

  • Breakfast on the sea

You can enjoy the breathtaking sunrise on a boat, sip your coffee and wake up slowly. The breakfast is provided on board.

5. Green Corner: People and Planet

Guest who visit the community are welcomed by two very kind men, which are speaking a bit English. They always search for possibilities to improve their skills so don’t hesitate and be patient. The community furthermore tries to protect their natural environment as good as possible and is currently working on developing a waste management program.