Chumphon CBT Network

1. Location

Chumphon is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand in the district of Chumphon, approximately 500 km south from Bangkok.

2. Highlights

“Stay in a diverse community with linkages with other communities, offering different homestays and activities such as Fishing, farming, snorkeling and cooking.”

3. Why is Chumphon special?

Chumphon network has the advantage of its great location, the network consisting of different communities together is closely located to the ferry transfer place to the Islands of Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Many tourists pass this location and miss out the opportunity to discover this hidden treasure of a place. Chumphon has a great coastal area with nice beaches and fishermen’s places and in the hinterland there is more to discover. Mangrove forests, shrimp farms and orchards form together a beautiful variation of activities for guests. The network has homestays at different locations suiting the need of the visitor, from a wooden fishermen’s house on pillars in the sea to a cozy house in the forest, it is both possible. Due to the variation of activities there are different ways of life to experience in the area of Chumphon. The area has a strong fishermen’s culture and guests have the opportunity to see the way of living of the fishermen by participating in fishing or snorkeling. For guests interested in Farming, there is also many different places to visit as there is organic farming in the area with many types of fruits and vegetables.

4. Don’t miss …

Activities for guests

  • Farming

In Chumphon there are many different places to visit when it comes to farming. Since the district cooperates as a network you can choose from several different farms to visit. For example organic farming (homestay), you have the opportunity to visit for one day just to gain information about farming and to experience the process shortly, or you can choose to have an more intense experience and stay for max 5 nights and days to learn how to harvest vegetables and cook them for dinner. Also there are many gardens where they grow durian, coconuts, and local southern leafs of trees which they use to for soap or for cooking.

  • Fishing

Ask your homestay for the best fishing experience and they will bring you to several different places such as the Shrimp farm near the mangrove river or the harbor where they do fishing and offer home stay.

  • Workshop Soap/Shampoo of organic ingredients

At the main coordination center of the Chumphon network you have the ability to make your own shampoo, soap, scrub by natural products from their garden. You will experience the whole process of gathering leafs from the plants, blending and cooking them and mixing it with special ingredients. After you have created your own shampoo or soap you can take it home or buy some more products in their store.

  • Snorkeling

On the coastal area of Chumphon there are many places who offer visitors to go snorkeling, especially near the harbors.

  • Cook with the homestay

Some homestays give you the opportunity to cook with them, experience the Southern Thai kitchen by making your own dish.

  • Boat tour through the mangrove forest

Explore the mangrove forest by boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains, mangroves and wild life. Visitors have the opportunity to learn how to catch shrimps from the local tour guides.

5. Green corner: People and Planet

The Chumphon network has 10 official community members and has the main aim to cooperate with all 25 communities in the network, as a result everyone has a chance to work together, learn from one another, develop their skills, and create team building and cooperation. The CBT group has contributed income from tourism which is used for forest conservation and mixed fruit farming. The mangrove forests are important for the area and seeds are planted by the villagers to extend the mangrove forest and protect the wild life of Chumphon.