Baan Phu

1. Location

Baan Phu is located in a quiet remote area of the district (Amphoe) in the northwestern part of UdonThani Province, northeastern Thailand.

2. Highlights

“Experience a very friendly and committed community in the North eastern part of Thailand. Become surprised by the friendly atmosphere in the village and be part of it. Ban Phu has many vegetable and fruit gardens where guests can experience all different tastes.”

3. Why is Baan Phu special?

Baan Phu has a lot to offer for tourists, the scenery is beautiful with stretched fields where buffalo’s walk around and the area has many types of fruit and vegetable gardens. The local people are very kind and like to share their local lifestyle with visitors. Traditional dances are performed and for the ones interested in silk weaving, Ban Phu is the ultimate place to be. Many households have their own silk weaving places and other handmade products can also be found in the village such as wood craft art. In addition, the village has a special temple constructed in Vietnamese style.

4. Don’t miss …

Activities for guests

  • Organic garden

Tourists can have a tour through the garden, there are many local plant leafs which they use for cooking and many vegetables to try. Also there are fishes, buffalo’s and chicken which are used for the organic farm.

  • Local dancing and singing

This welcome activity is great to experience for tourists, they have the opportunity to get dressed with the traditional Sarong and participate in the dance.

  • Ceremony Baisri

On request the community organizes a welcome ceremony for its guests with local food, dance and music.

  • Weaving

Cotton and silk weaving are the main activities for the women in the village. Tourists have the opportunity to see the processing of silk and cotton and how clothes are made. Also they can participate.

  • Wooden sculpture

Visit the artist in the village who makes his own wood sculptures , these breath taking sculptures take between a half year and 2 years to make and some of them cost around 15 million bath.

  • Offering rice to the monks and visit at the temple (alms giving)

It is possible to cook rice at the homestay house and offer the rice to the monks, after visitors can see the Phuthai temple which has Vietnamese influences.

5. Green corner: People and Planet

The villagers of Ban Phu have the main aim to conserve their culture and care about the natural environment. Traditional dances and music are practiced and ceremonies are held frequently. The traditional Phutai temple was renovated by the local people in order that future generations can still enjoy this piece of history. Besides maintaining culture, the local people care about the environment by not using chemicals in the gardens when harvesting and natural sources are used for products. Wood is used by the artist of the community to create outstanding wood sculptures and the village has a special banking system called “the tree bank”. Local people can buy trees and grow them in order to increase the value of money they invested when they bought the tree, as a result their value of money lies in planting trees instead of having money on a virtual bank.