Doi Phumuen

Doi Phumuen

1. Location

Doi Phumuen is a ‘Lahu’ community and the village is located in the mountain area of Fahhompok, which is a national park in Mae Ai district. Doi phumuen has a slightly cooler but pleasant climate due to the location up in the mountains on the height of 1.200-1.300 meters. Temperatures are highest in March and April and lowest in December and January, the average temperature is 25.0°c.

2. Highlights

“Experience the lahu culture with its special dances, food and original handmade clothing. Collect tea leafs with the villagers and make your own tea from it, help the women cook rice in bamboo or take a relaxing walk to the waterfalls.”

3. Why is Doi phumuen special?

The village of Doi phumuen has a very rich history, the villagers are called Lahuna (black lahu), this ethnic group origins from the South of China and arrived to Thailand via Burma about 40 years ago. The community has 46 households and the total population is around 250 people. Most of the villagers are Christian and there is a church in the village. The village was named after the lahu group leader whose original name was “Mr. Taeng Tao”. He was named “Pu muen” after the king had visited the village in 1967 for an agriculture development project. The agriculture project from the king has had a great influence on the way of living in the village, when the lahu community just arrived they started growing opium to generate high income. The king changed this agriculture product and introduced tea, nowadays the villagers’ main income is from tea, coffee and fruit. Guests can experience the local life by staying in a self-made wooden bungalow with a beautiful view on the tea plantations.

4. Don’t miss …

Activities for guests

  • Tea plantation

The tea was introduced by the king in order to prevent the Lahu community to plant and use opium, coffee and highland fruits are also planted. But the villages live from Assam tea plantation, avocado and plums.

  • Cook bamboo rice

This hands on activity is very interesting to see for foreign tourists, banana leafs are used to wrap the rice in , its closed as a package and put into a bamboo stick later they add water and they boil the rice of the bamboo stick in the fire.

  • The Doi phumuen waterfall

2 hours walking from the village but easy assessable by car, this is a nice refreshing stop for tourists, however the trail is a bit difficult for elderly people.

5. Green corner: People and Planet

Over the years Doi phumuen has received more tourists due to the cooperation with stakeholders. They provide transport to the community, since Doi phumuen is not easy to reach by own transport. The community is still developing through CBT and the help from volunteers also improves the way of living in the community. Volunteers have constructed roads to access the community more easily in the rainy season, when the road gets muddy.