1. Location

Sansai is very easy to reach since it is only 20 km away from Chaingmai city. It is located in the district (amphoe) in the central part of Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. The landscape is flat and not located within a mountain area, which is fortunate for visitors.

2. Highlights

“Stay at a friendly Lanna community, enjoy northern style food and traditional dance and music. Experience the wide range of activities, such as making lanterns, visiting the art gallery and learn how to cook northern dishes.”

3. Why is Sansai special?

Sansai is a traditional Lanna village. Community members are proud to share their culture with visitors by performing traditional northern style dancing, this dance is performed by a student group accompanied by the music group of students who play northern instruments, such as the stringed “Sueng” instrument.

The community has a wide range of activities for visitors, which differ per location. The area has a beautiful scenery with its green stretched rice fields where the villagers established a special water system. Between the rice fields, clay houses are located which were built by the community leader himself, during a stay at Sansai it is possible to learn about the process of making the clay houses. Also Sansai can be characterized by its creative hands on activities, such as the art gallery, local museum and latern shop.

4. Don’t miss …

Activities for guests

Sansai is an easy accessible community and therefore it is possible to visit everything that the community offers by bicycle.

  • First stop at the self-made clay house

You will visit the house from the community leader to have a tea. Here you have the opportunity to see and participate in the production of the clay which the community uses to build their houses. After this interesting process, the locals take you out to visit the nice scenery of the rice fields.

  • Visit the small local museum

Have a cultural visit at the local museum where donations for the monks of Sansai are collected and historical objects are presented.

  • Lantern making workshop

Get the chance to prove your creative skills at the lantern workshop, which is also possible for bigger groups to participate in.

  • The art gallery

Here you can admire the special arts with as main theme Buffalo’s. And attend cooking and Lana language classes, which are given by the artists’ wife.

  • Coffee place and statue workshop

After you have seen the art objects in the gallery the next station offers you the possibility to make small statues by yourself, this will take place at a small coffee place called Koykonka.

  • Traditional Lanna dance and music

Enjoy the music of the talented student group who plays traditional Lanna music with Northern instruments. This performance is held while having dinner at the community center. Dance with the traditional dancers and learn about Lanna lifestyle.

5. Green corner: People and Planet

The villagers of Sansai take care of the local environment by designing sustainable tourism activities for their tourists. Therefore they organize bicycle tours through the village to reduce carbon emissions, visitors have the chance to participate in conservation activities such as seeing and making clay bricks for the local houses. Another important goal for the community is to transfer their local wisdom to younger generations, as Sansai is proud of their Lanna culture.