Kao Dua


Baan Kao Dua is located approximately 30 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. Comfort road. The village is settled in the plains of the valley. Traditional Lanna Thai style houses are very rare in the community. Most of the houses are one-story houses Western styles which are made from cement and roman tiles. The people in the community are Northern Thai which is settled in this area more than 250 years

The highlights of Kao Dua community     

“Enjoy tourist attractions near the big city; learning medicinal plants; small trek in natural forest and waterfalls; visit agriculture farms; or stay overnight in natural resorts and villas.”

Why is Kao Dua special?

Baan Kao Dua is a community settling very close to a big city and touristic sites such as “Royal Flora” and “Chiang Mai Night Safari”. The community takes only half an hour from Chiang Mai city. The community still has rich of ecosystems and natural resources such as natural waterfalls and forests. This is a relaxing place with calm and beautiful scenery avoiding from the disorder in the big city. Guests can enjoy a half day or one day trip of the community tourism program.

A demonstration garden is an important community learning area for local vegetables, herbs and community forest. Community people are proud to present how they use natural resources in their daily livelihoods. Guests will know a variety of local vegetables, herbs and how community people use them for seasonal food, herb drinking water and local products.

The community concern about plastic, garbage and global warming problems. Local guides can explain the many uses of forest products in daily life instead of using plastic. This is what community people would like to present about rural people way of life to city people.

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Activities for guests:

  • Trek to the waterfall: Community offers one day programs for guests. The programs are different in each season as it depends on the weather and cultural calendar. Soft trekking is an activity which is offered in all seasons. Baan Kao Dua has rich of natural waterfalls and forests. Along the trail, guests will enjoy the nature; see wild orchid’s species, listen to the song of nature, learn about community forest, and catch “Hi-so crab” a local crab in the waterfall.
  • Taste local food: Guests will enjoy a tasty lunch in the forest. This is “Lanna” or northern Thai food. See how locals use bamboo for cooking and making the equipments for eat or drink such as spoon and bamboo flask. The community presents local food in each season with made of local materials and herbs. Do not forget to try your hands on cooking with locals!
  • Learn local medicinal plants: Kao Dua community has an herbs demonstration garden where guests can learn about local vegetables, herbs and community forest. See how local people benefit and conserve their natural resources. Guests also have a chance to taste a tasty herbal drink, support community local products and joy local traditions.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Kao Dua community has many activities about conservation natural resources and environment in every year; building a dam or “Phai Meo”, and planting wild banana in the forests. The community has developed community forest and herbs demonstration garden continuously which make the forests go to an important food bank for locals.

Local people look after the tourist attraction areas. They concern about garbage and waste management. The community has rules and regulations which are used for both locals and guests. Tourism staffs and youth have trained about CBT in order to support community development and conservation initiatives and encourage people to work together. They also work in partnership with a neighboring business sectors to organise tourism services in their sub-district.