Pong Nam Ron


Pong Namron is located in hilly area with a small stream meanders through the village, Doi Hang in Chiang Rai province. Pong Nam Ron village has a cool and pleasant climate. The village consists four small villages of ethnic groups; Akha, Lahu, Chinese Yunnan and Northern Thai.

The highlights of Pong Nam Ron Community

“Experience 4 different cultures in Chiang Rai province; Akha, Lahu, Chinese Yunnan and Northern Thai; have a relax time at Hot Spring in a mineral bath and a large outdoor pond.”

Why is Pong Nam Ron community special?

Pong Nam Ron Hot spring is located along the creek. This is the mineral bath and a large outdoor pond which consisting 11 rooms, spa and traditional Thai massage. Camping site is available for rent for campfire group and the rafting trip along the river.

Huai Kaew, a large waterfall; which is completely surrounded by forests. As a result, water flow throughout Pong Nam Ron village. The waterfall has three layers; each layer has a different aesthetic. The pictures are beautiful especially class 3 which is a very pleasant. Around the waterfall can see tea garden.

Cultivating tea is a traditional occupation for highland people in Chiang Rai province. Pong Nam Ron village is surrounded by tea plantations which successive generations have woven into the verdant natural landscape.

Today, tea cultivation is the main occupations for Pong Nam Ron.  Much of the tea is used to produce ‘miang’, a snack which local people chew after dinner, or if they feel tired.

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Activities for guests: 

  • Pong Nam Ron Hot Spring: Pong Nam Ron village is known for hot spring as the name of village “Nam Ron” means “Hot Water”. Guests can relax in the local mineral hot spring pond. This is a quiet place to relax with calm and clear weather. There are plenty suitable for tourism.
  • Rafting along Kok River: Kok River is the famous river in Chiang Rai province. Guests will enjoy local way of life of the people along the Kok River and can visit the villages along the river.
  • Homestay in Pong Nam Ron village: Guests will stay with local people and having a warm welcoming. Good taste of local food with vegetables nearby the house. Participate in local different traditions of four villages in Pong Nam Ron area;Northern Thai village is Buddhist tradition, Yi Peng Festival in length and raising the ghost house; Lahu village has a forest animist, the tradition of raising the forest ghost; Chinese Yunnan village regards Kuan Yin and a raising spirits of their ancestors, Chinese New Year tradition and Moon Day festival; Akha village is a Christian village and has Christmas activities.

 Green Corner: People and Planet

Pong Nam Ron villagers are proud to present how they conserve the forests, formerly, villagers destroyed the forest very much by mobile plantations. These made the water in dry so the villagers begun to worry about that. They had no the water to use and drink. Then they try to conserve the forest of the source of a river by making the conservative area with people cannot enter in. This area, villagers cannot plant crop and cut the wood etc. Now the areas that have the conservation, the forest are a green forest all year and have wildfire prevention.

Apart from forest conservation, the village also does breed fish conservation which is already 10 years. Formerly, they had no the conservation, villagers entrapped the fish every day. They thought that some breed fish could disappear so they built up a group and set the regulations to enforce in the fishing. Since then, nobody entrap the fish in the conservation area.