Nam Chieo


Baan Nam Chieo is located along a peaceful land with approximately 8 kilometers from Trad municipally. The area is the low-land, some part area stays with the sea and there is the mangrove forest where have the fertility greatly. There is the canal flow through middle the community down into the Gulf of Thailand and this is the channel of the local people to goes out to the sea for fishing.

 The highlights of Nam Chieo community 

“Enjoy local livelihoods; coexist between Buddhism and Muslim culture in the peaceful community; learn how people conserve natural resources and keep their community to an eco-balance.”

Why is Nam Chieo community special?

Nature Center Mangrove Ecosystems is established by a partnership between the Nam Chieo Municipality and Mangrove Forest Development 4 to promote the development works of the area. Mangrove potential can be learned for other studies of youth and the public. This is to promote the school and community involvement in conservation and restoration of the mangrove forest. Nam Chieo is the community of fertility.

One of the occupations in Baan Nam Cieo is folk fishery. There is the annual fishing tournament festival is held during July of each year. Cooperation between Nam Chieo Municipal, Tourism Authority of Thailand Central Region 5 and Boat District Club in order to promote marine tourism and promotion of tourism of Koh Chang in Trad.

Baan Nam Chieo also has a traditional boat rowing competition which will be played every year after the month of Muslims, held at Nam Chieo canal. The boat is made by bamboo. The rowing team who pick up a flag embroidered on the finish line first is the winner. The competition is held to strengthen the unity of the people in the village and the relationship between the surrounding villages.

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Activities for guests:

  • Learn about Nam Chieo livelihoods: Guests are invited to meet and enjoy an insight into Nam Chieo local livelihoods, environment and culture. Enjoy homestay with local families, tasty Thai food, and a mixture of discussion and direct experience which will be an unforgettable living and learning experience. Rubber is another important occupation in Nam Chieo. Guests who enjoy an early start can collect rubber sap in the morning, and then help roll huge sheets of rubber, which will eventually be exported and made into tires for cars around the world!
  • Explore Mangroves, Diving and Fishing: Ride a boat with local guide into the mangroves to experience local fishing life in Nam Chieo. Along the way, you can chat to the local fishermen. Propelling a plank on mud bank to pick the ark shell, feeding fish in the floating basket and feeding oyster.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Tourism activities by the communities included efforts to enhance the income of people in various groups of the community; to raise an awareness of environmental conservation; to preserve the local culture, traditions and life style of the community for as long as possible; to do things that will help keeping our world in better eco-balance as a condition for reducing global warming; to conserve culture in various fields; and to work together in developing a better future.

There is a an ongoing conversation with the local people and guests, not only discussing with them the opportunities for eco-tourism but also encouraging them to participate in the activities in the community such as:  collecting garbage in the canals; planting trees; and learning about the daily life of people whose lives have been connected with the canals in the past up to the present day, as well as about the structure and origin of the groups in eco-tourism.

There are several projects, such as the “Sai Lab Rak Nam Chieo for forest conservation and the Waste Bank project that educate the people in eco-tourism and waste reduction their communities. These are for good for the community, while stimulating the tourism industry to become more efficient.