Salak Khok


The fishing village of Salak Khok is located along a peaceful, sheltered stretch of coast, at the southern edge of Salak Khok bay, on Koh Chang Island, in Trad province.

The highlights of Salak Khok Community           

“Sea, sunset, starlight… and you… treat yourselves to a romantic meal for 2 on a traditional Thai fishing boat, floating in the serene atmosphere of Salak Khok Bay and enjoy a colourful dance performance by local youth.”

Why is Salak Khok community  special?

The small fishers and fruit farmers of Baan Salak Khok, Koh Chang island, are satisfied to flow with the traditional rhythms of island life. 20 years of development in Koh Chang have taught local people to be open to the world, but also selective about which aspects of modernisation they wish to pursue.

Local families still build their homes on stakes driven into the bay, connected by small timber bridges, emphasizing their intimate relationship with the sea. Community members work together to protect Koh Chang’s largest area of mangroves, which most families rely upon directly on as a nursery for sea life.

To help negotiate a compromise between tradition and new opportunities, community members decided to establish Baan Salak Khok Community Tour Club.  The community have developed a range of healthy eco-tourism activities, complemented by a touch of modern management, fair income distribution and support for conservation and social work.

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Activities for guests:
The community offer guided boat trips into Salak Khok Bay, which is approximately 1 kilometers wide, 2 kilometers long and connected to the sea by a narrow passage. It is very flat and scattered with islands of mangroves.

  • Explore mangroves by kayak or boat: Paddle a kayak or ride a boat into the mangroves to experience local fishing life in Salak Khok.  Along the way, you can chat to the local fishermen.
  • Sea, sunset and starlight dinner on a traditional Thai boat: … a table for 2 on a traditional “Rua Jaew” boat, floating past the charming houses of Salak Khok, through pristine mangrove forest and out to sea. In the bay, guests are served delicious fresh seafood, a bottle of chilled white wine and the cool breeze of late afternoon. Enjoy a view of Koh Chang’s white sand and the sun setting into the sea, before a final moment of candle-lit romance under the stars. Finally, local youth will bid you farewell with a special Thai dance.

Green Corner: People and Planet

5% of income from tourism is contributed towards conservation, a scholarship fund for students, and other projects in the community. The community group elects representatives to a committee, which is responsible for ensuring that income is distributed fairly, and decides how to use community funds.

Trainings for tour leaders and local tour guides, as well as trainings on how to implement environmental activities are also conducted.