Huai Raeng


Baan Huai Raeng is located with approximately 15 kilometers from Trad city. There is the canals flow through the community down into the Trad River. The canals are like the big blood vessel of Huai Raeng community and Huai Raeng sub-district.

Huai Raeng canal is three sorts of water; fresh water, brackish water and brine. This area is rich of bio-diversity containing the source of a river forest, so this is one of the richest canals of the World.

 The highlights of Huai Raeng community

“Learn one of the richest canals of the World; have a relax time in the big Cruz tree park; exchange knowledge, experiences, lifestyle and wisdom with local people.”

Why is Huai Raeng community special?

Huai Raeng community has realised on what they have such as natural resources, tradition, and culture. They are proud of them. Local people have sense of belonging and they want to share best thing to guests. Huai Raeng Eco-tourism Group welcomes guests with warm and sincerely heart. No discrimination or alienation. All knowledge, experiences, lifestyle and wisdom will be exchange between “Host and Guest” with respect as the community is an important learning center.

Cultural heritage in Baan Huai Raeng inherits wisdoms on “Tom-Tom Drum, growing local rice “Kao Khaow Lon Yoong”, singing old traditional song “Pleng Rum Pa”. Teaches all knowledge and wisdom to youth and youth still do traditional activities in the community such as use “Tom-Tom Drum” in monk service ceremony and “Tak Batr Devo” Festival, sing “Pleng Rum Pa” on “Songkran” Festival etc.

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Activities for guests:

  • Local insight livelihoods: Guests are invited to meet and enjoy an insight into Huai Raeng local livelihoods, environment and culture resources. Enjoy homestay with local families, tasty local food, and a mixture of discussion and direct experience which will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Enjoy long tail boat on “Cruz tree” nature trail:  Guests will see the biodiversity both sides of the canal by sitting in a long tail boat made of P.V.C.” or “Poly Vinyl Chloride”. This is the wisdom of local people. The stone islet alternates with deep waters will bring guests into the Cruz Park. If you are lucky you will experience a small fish that nibble your feet “fish spa” along this natural way. And observe local livelihoods such as folk fishing.
  • Learn mind language of firefly: At the night time, see how young man firefly uses his light to courtship and make young girl firefly respond to his language. Guests should respect this romantic nature by does not interfere with all aspects such as taking photography by using flash, talking out loud or make any form of pollution. Let the life of a firefly pair of fireflies in a perfectly nature before he would leave this world.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Huai Raeng Eco-tourism Group set activities that community should do together such as collecting garbage in a canal, growing trees in a forest, protecting big trees (community tradition), generating plants in households, flora and fauna surveying by youth, etc.

The community also has a local research in eco-tourism management project in order to recover natural resources and make the environment sustainably by villagers in community and involved with organisations.

Tourism group uses community forum to share and discuss their opinions. No chairman. No command from government. They uses community forum to solve problems, review work goals and follow the group’s rule strictly.

Planning was put in participatory mechanism stage. Plan and process will be created in order to develop community. Tourism program development has created in decision-making upon management stage.