Bang Nam Pheung


Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market is situated in Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakarn province. It is very close to Bangkok just across Chao Phra Ya River. The community is surrounded by orchards, canals, and mangrove forests. Visitors can transport from Bangkok by car, bus, or sky train (BTS) to the pier and take a boat to the area. To see the canal lifestyles and environment along Chao Phra Ya River, taking boat from Bangkok to the community is one experience visitors should not miss!

The highlights of Bang Nam Pheung community

“A deep-rooted community of Bang Nam Pheung and Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market are living museums showcasing villagers’ lifestyles, which are deeply connected with the rivers and the mangrove palm forest. As such, they established the market as a distribution center for their local products and as a means to generate and increase income for the community.”

Why is Bang Nam Pheung special?

Bang Nam Pheung is located in the area which is considered to be “a lung of Bangkok”. This area is the agricultural zone, which is under the specific urban development regulation; therefore, a physical development could not be implemented in order to protect the green areas from the invasion of urbanization.

The community covers about 1,936 Rai (765.5 Acres). It consists of 11 villages and there are 6 canals pass through the community. Because of river, canals, and mangrove forests surround the community, the soil is fertile and it is suitable for agriculture. People in the community generally grow lemon, wax gourd, white gourd, spiny bitter gourd, banana, mushroom, passion fruit, and flowers.

Most of the villagers are Thai-Mon, whose ancestors migrated to the area about 200 years ago. The Mon culture is preserved in the community, such as Songkran Mon festival, Saba game (traditional Mon game), and Mon traditional food. In addition, there are beautiful temples in the community which were built in the style and were preserved as national heritage.

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Activities for guests:

  • Experience nature and the daily life of the people: Staying in a homestay accommodation to experience a peaceful way of living, making a good buy of various local food and products available from either shop located by the river or from vendor selling food from paddling boats;
  • Boat trip along the canals: Learning how to paddle along Bang Nam Pheung canal, going cycling, watching a demonstration on how to make an aroma incense, traveling to agro-farms, taking a cruise trip to visit an estuary where Chao Phra Ya River meets the Gulf of Thailand, listening to music in the park and relaxing with Thai massage services.

Green Corner: People and Planet

The Tourism in Bang Nam Pheung started from the Floating Market project with the cooperation between the Bang Nam Pheung Sub district Administration Organization and local community in attempt to release their superabundant crops and, as a consequence, create employment and income to the community.

Bang Nam Pheung community won the Award for “The Most Outstanding Tourism-Based Community” in the 2007 Thailand Tourism Awards, presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).