Our Services for Tour Operators

How tour operators can work with CBT-N

CBT-N have a database of CBT communities, programs and services. This includes detailed information about the types of trips and guests which communities are best suited to host.

CBT-N can suggest appropriate communities, based on the specific product development needs of tour operators, schools, universities, special groups, or study trip organisers.

Interested tour operators will be sent a quick survey to find out about their style, target tourists, ‘Responsible Tourism’ profile and specific product development needs. This information will be used to short list appropriate communities for the operator.

This information will also be summarised in a 1 page sheet for community members to read and discuss. If a community and tour operator are interested to work together, CBT-N can arrange survey visit to meet each and develop a program.

Process for working with a CBT-N partner Community

  • Contact CBT-N
  • Complete New Partners Survey
  • Identify Tour Operator’s Needs
  • 1 Page Summary (Profile + Needs)
  • CBT-N shortlist communities
  • Consult with tour operator
  • Consult with CBT community
  • Clarify cooperative process, expectations, roles & responsibilities of partners