CBT Services

Accommodations : There are three kind accommodations, stay with local people (homestay) accommodation resort community (community resort) and the tent (camp site).

Food : Local, seasonal food. Guests have the opportunity to store vegetables in the farm or learn to cook with their families. Eating rice wrapped with natural materials when trek in the forest. Or dining Khan Tok when group of guests visit Northern Thai families.

The tour : with local people who know the local as well as being born and grown in the village. The trip has made based on the normal life of the local community.

Activity : community daily life, such as farming, weaving, or activities management for guests such as trekking, biking, doing activities with students at the school or school, learning weaving / basketry.

Souvenir : Each community will have agricultural products. Food processing. Or crafts. Where visitors can take back to friends or people at home.