Klong Noi


Klong Noi, meaning ‘small canals’, is located about 9 km’s north-east of Surrathani. The village can be reached by car in around 30 minutes. A better way to arrive is by boat, which can transport visitors from Surrathani, down the Tapi river, and into the green and shady canals of Klong Noi.

The highlights of Klong Noi Community

“Enjoy life by the river, discover how monkeys work with local people to farm coconuts, catch fresh prawns, join local youth in conservation activities.”

Why is Klong Noi community  special?

The main occupation in Klong Noi is farming coconuts, followed by other fruits such as guava, Baananas, lemons, mangosteen and rose apple.  People also cultivate vegetable gardens. They plant different types of vegetable 3 times per year, such as Chinese broccoli, cucumber and morning glory.  Many locals also fish for prawns and other fish from the middle of the night until dawn.

Klong Noi is well known for river conservation by the local youth. The ‘Kids Love Klong Noi’ youth group were supported by the Thailand Research fund, and have received national recognition for their consistent efforts to conserve water quality. The youth group, in particular their success motivating adults to support them, has become a model for successful youth conservation!

The people of Klong Noi hope to meet guests with a real interest in cultural exchange. They wish to inform guests that they can’t offer luxury, but all guests will find their stay comfortable, clean, interesting and welcoming.

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Activities for guests:

  • The Coconut Trail: Guests can visit the ‘palm monkey’ training center to learn about coconut farming, and the role of the monkeys as chief coconut collectors. The coconut trail continues to a local Coconut Products group. It’s possible to organise a workshop with the group, to learn how to make beautiful polished jewelry and other ornaments from recycled coconut shells.
  • Experience Local Occupations: Guests can spend a few hours working together with homestay families in the orchards, see how community members build their fishing boats and help to catch fresh-water prawns.
  • Conservation with the youth group:  Guests can join in activities together with the “We Love Klong Noi” student-conservation group. Guests might help clean up the canals, survey animal or bird species; or work with the students to develop English media for the Klong Noi Community Based Tourism Club.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Klong Noi community started CBT in 2006 in order to support community development and conservation initiatives and encourage people to work together. Working in tourism has given the community members a chance to share the things which they feel proud of with guests. Appreciation from visitors has motivated the youth even more to continue their conservation work.