Klong Rua


“Klong Rua community is located In the heart of the jungle, about 30 km’s from Pah Toh. A  dirt road leads 14 km’s to the village, which is only accessible by 4WD.”

The highlights of Klong Rua Community    

“A boat trip to Kuan Kreng swamp, jungle exploration, panning for minerals, fishing at the waterfall, community history.”

Why is Klong Rua community  special?

Klong Rua community offers guests an incomparable experience of life in the jungle. Pha Toh tropical rainforest is an area rich in mineral resources and biodiversity. The community boasts Thailand’s second largest peat swamps, towering trees, and rare species of flora and fauna, including the rafflesia flower. Community members have deep knowledge of wild foods, herbs and animal tracks.

Just as interesting as the environment is the local lifestyle, which demands great resourcefulness and creativity.   The national electricity grid hasn’t reached Klong Rua, so the community use solar power and water from the local waterfall, Vaew Da Jon. They rely on intimate knowledge of the forest and careful management of resources to survive.

Ecotourism in Pha Toh is the result of collaborative efforts between local community members, government offices and local entrepreneurs in 2003. The project has been particularly successful in creating opportunities for local community members and park authorities to work together, and thereby proving that community based tourism can be an effective tool for conservation and the comanagement of natural resources.

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Activities for guests:

  • People and the forest:: Guests learn about life in the forest by panning for minerals in the stream, learning to weave bamboo and tasting a medley of tropical fruits from the jungle    orchards. The winter is coffee season. Guests can experience all stages of the coffee cycle. Pick, dry and roast the beans, and then taste fresh coffee.  You can also join the community members in the rubber palm plantations, collecting rubber and helping to make rubber sheets.
  • Jungle Adventure:  Local guides will show you how to catch fish at the edge of the waterfall, make equipment from bamboo, and try your hand at jungle cooking.  Guests can travel by raft back to the community. If you’re lucky, you will see brightly coloured jungle birds and other wildlife along the riverside and in the forest.

Green Corner: People and Planet

The club was established by collaborative efforts of government offices, local entrepreneurs and local community members in 2003. It links a network of people in 2 sub-districts of Pak Song and Pa Toh, as well as those dwelling in the forest cushion located in Kaper sub district. With excellent tourism management focusing on environmentalism and outstanding infrastructure, the area has attracted nature enthusiasts and tourists searching for soft-adventure.

The Klong Rua Project is a practical means of protecting the natural resources of the community, while at the same time, community based tourism provides additional income to improve the local villagers’ quality of life.

The project also stimulates tourists’ understanding about Thai local culture, wisdom, and values. The local villagers also learn about the outside world through their interactions with the tourists. The club is known for good quality organisation. Visitors are respectfully requested to follow rules and regulations of the Ecotourism club.