Pa Ao


Baan Pa Ao is a northeastern Thai village sitting approximately 18 km’s from Ubon Ratchatani city.  Inside the village is containing an Ancient Boat and Buddha’s relics which are recognised as important in the 22-23rd of Buddhist Era archeological sites. Guests can enjoy a one day trip in Baan Pa Ao.

The highlights of Pa Ao Community

“Stay in a traditional northeastern village, explore the forest nature trail with local guides; get to know the friendly local people, taste traditional northeastern food!”

Why is Pa Ao special?

Tourism in Pa Ao is a natural tourism, experience local culture, traditions of the villagers. The community has maintained its own culture. In Pa Ao community does not have the entertainments such as restaurants and karaoke. Guests come to Pa Ao homestay will sense naturally the atmosphere and local culture community. Baan Pa Ao has still healed the 12 month traditions until nowadays.

The community is known for Brass ancient handicrafts. Brass handicraft is famous Pa Ao community products which are helping local people with an extra income and a better living. And enforce the people relationship within the community.

Baan Pa Ao is also a good place to try traditional northeastern food, made from backyard garden vegetables which guests can help their hosts to collect from villagers’ gardens.

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Activities for guests:

  • Northeastern Thai Cultural insight: Guests can enjoy activities in one day trip or stay overnight in Pa Ao village. Local guide will show guests to the northeastern Thai culture and community local wisdom such as local performances by youth group and Brass ancient handicrafts. Guests will eat local food in northern eastern traditional style or “Pa Lang” A local guide will introduce you how the villagers conserve their community forests.
  • Brass handicrafts: Brass ancient handicrafts are local products in Baan Pa Ao. These are community local wisdom which has been inherited by generations. Guests can buy for souvenirs for their families and friends.
  • History: A tour guide will offer guests to experience the northeastern heritage by visiting inside the village which is containing an Ancient Boat and Buddha’s relics which are recognised as important in the 22-23rd of Buddhist Era archeological sites.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Baan Pa Ao concerned about natural tourism and culture tourism. Villagers showed guests their community forests, and explained that the community already zoned and protected forest lands.  With forest protected from encroachment, it would not be necessary for the community to be relocated.

Through preparing to welcome guests, the villagers have also experienced improvements to their health and hygiene. They have also become more confident to represent their culture.