Sa Som


Baan Sa Som is located 45 kilometers away from Kong Chiam city. It is a small village with a little stream pass through the community. The weather is cool and the environment is chill all the whole year.

The highlights of Baan Sa Som community

“Enjoy spicy and authentic Isan food. Experience the Isan welcoming ceremony for special guests and the music performance. Travel to the jungle and caves; see beautiful waterfalls and pre-history painting in the cave and know rare herbs which can be found in the area.”

Why is Sa Som special?

Baan Sa Som was declared as a Community Forest since 1993, according to the Forestry Act.  Community Forest means land and / or forestland which are legally permitted for the Community together with forestry officer to participate in continuously managing forestry activities under the relevant laws and regulations. They also can set up their own policies which may be concerned with culture, beliefs, religious and other traditions. This management aims to provide sustainable forest use for the community.

Forest creates a relationship between community and natural resources which responds to ecological and socio-economic changes. In order to best utilized resources that they own, the community also develops a set of rules and regulations both formal and informal, and enforces such rules and regulations to ensure that users’ rights and benefits are fairly distributed among members and are not reaped by outsiders or members who do not contribute to the group’s activities.

Community forests have long been a part of Thailand’s rural communities. Forests are considered life-supporting in terms of community settlement, socio-cultural development, and life maintenance. Simultaneously, forest systems are sustained by community practices for examples, respect and reciprocity. Villagers believe that community subsistence is not possible if the forest is not well taken care of.

Pai kin khao, (means “to go eat rice”). Rice is part of Thai culture inevitably.

Besides money from selling rice, villagers earn extra incomes many millions a year from weaving Mat-Me fabric, feeding fish in rice fields, and integrated farming by planting non-toxic vegetables.

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Activities for guests:

  • Explore Kagkai handwriting Historical Site: Learn pre-history from evidences that were found in caves and forest;
  • Village Life: Visitor can experience local Northeastern Thai lifestyle such as local culture, local food and local performances with warm welcoming of villagers and homestay host. See demonstrations of how to make clothes, and brooms.

Green Corner: People and Planet

A Community Knowledge Center at Baan Sa Som is a place where villagers can exchange their knowledge to each other. It is important for the community to have such place to pass the knowledge and local wisdom to young generations. People in the community will realize what they have learned from the center and they will protect and preserve what they have owned which are their natural and cultural resources.