Koo Ka Sing


Baan Koo Ka Sing is located 17 kilometers from Kaset Wisai district, Roi Et province. In the past, the area of the community was the center of Khmer civilization and culture. There are many archaeology sites in the community that shows trails of the thriving of the Khmer in the ancient time. At the present, this area is a part of “Tung Kula Rong Hai”, the famous rice producing area in Thailand.

The highlights of Koo Ka Sing community

Enjoy the stunning scenery of rice fields at Tung Kula Rong Hai. Explore the history of Ancient Khmer dated back to 2000 – 3000 years.”

Why is Koo Ka Sing special?

Baan Koo Ka Sing is located in the large plateau called Tung Kula Rong Hai. This area is rich of water and fish and it is suitable for cultivate rice especially Jasmine rice. People in the community earn incomes from selling rice about 50,000 – 250,000/year/family.

Thai people have cultivated rice for a long time. Rice cultivation plays an important role in Thai economics and culture. Thailand’s landscapes are suitable for growing rice thus Thailand becomes top five rice exporters in the world. The rice export brings tremendous profit to the country and Thai rice culture is the main theme of Thai culture. Rice has been served as the Thai main course. Thais consume rice three times a day. Rice is also an ingredient in Thai dessert. Moreover, rice also influences Thai proverbs, for example, Khao-Yak-Mak-Pang (means everything is so expensive), and in the daily language: “to eat” Pai kin khao, (means “to go eat rice”). Rice is part of Thai culture inevitably.

Besides money from selling rice, villagers earn extra incomes many millions a year from weaving Mat-Me fabric, feeding fish in rice fields, and integrated farming by planting non-toxic vegetables.

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Activities for guests:

  • Experience nature and the daily life of the people: The villagers maintain many colorful traditions, which have been practiced for generations. Depending on the month, guests can observe or join these local activities;
  • Visit Tung Kula Rong Hai: Visit rice fields at the largest plateau of Northeastern of Thailand “Tung Kula Rong Hai”. At the farm, visitors will learn how to cultivate Jasmine rice which is well known around the world;
  • History: Visit archaeology sites. Back to the past and see the civilization of the ancient Khmer Kingdom. Visit the local museum and get to know the New Theory of Agriculture. Learn the demonstration of how to make silk clothes.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Community knowledge center is the place where villagers can study their roots. They can study about their capital resources both the natural resources and cultural resources that inherited from generation to generation.Children can learn history in archaeology sites next door and they can become local tour guide.

In addition, villagers realize how much value of resources they own hence they can help preserving their traditional ceremonies and local wisdom by learning from Community Knowledge Center.