Pha Tak


Baan Pha Tak is an ethnic ‘Karen’ community located approximately an hour and a half from Chiang Mai city, in the rolling green hills of Mae Tang District.

The highlights of Pha Tak Community

“A special insight into Karen life in remote area; see how the Karen people live in harmony with nature”

Why is Pha Tak special?

Karen people are reknowned for their intimate relationship with nature and their local knowledge about forest conservation, passed between generations.

In Baan Pha Tak, community members have worked together to establish a nationally famous ‘community forest’. In this common area, villagers collect wild foods, but do not cut trees. The forest is protected by a combination of community regulations and sacred ‘forest ordination’ by Buddhist monks.

This ensures that the community are able to benefit from their ‘natural supermarket’ of foods, dyes, and medicines without harming the environment.

The village is well known in Thailand for the success of their community initiatives, and often welcomes Thai and foreign students who are interested to learn more about how to manage forest resources in a sustainable way.

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Activities for guests:

  • Experience nature and the daily life of the people: The villagers maintain many colorful traditions, which have been practiced for generations. Depending on the month, guests can observe or join these local activities;
  • Small Trekking to Mok Fah Waterfall: Trek along the beautiful trail with local guide in the boundaries of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park;
  • Trekking along the nature trail: Visit “Black Cliff” or the Holy Cliff of the villagers, “Water Mountain Supply” for life and agriculture., “Pha Tak” or “The Broken Cliff” the name of the village and rotation terraced paddy field in the village. Apart from agriculture, the villagers do basketry as their extra income.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Each year, Pha Tak village has not many tourists because of the difficulty to access the community. Most visitors come into the village are volunteer groups. They help local people in the various activities, such as the painting school, building library.

Through CBT, the people of Pha Tak have also developed new skills which have improved their quality of life.