Vieng Haeng


Baan Vieng Haeng is located 150 km’s from Chiang Mai city. The frontier of the district connects to Mae Hong Son province and Burma boarder. Most of the people in the community are Thai Yai (Shan) people. This tranquil village lies in the valleys with clear weather and it has a comfort road from Chiang Mai city to the community.

Formerly, the village was the site of the ancient city surrounded by the city canals and it was also used for the army march of “King Naresuan the Great”. Vieng Haeng becomes a historical site and the locals still conserve their ancient culture and traditions.

The highlights of Vieng Haeng Community

“Experience local lifestyle, history and serene Buddhist culture; explore nature trail; enjoy traditional Shan activities along the year and a local tasty food.”

Why is Vieng Haeng special?

93% of Vieng Haeng district includes the high mountains and forests of the watershed area. The weather is good and clear. The landscape is suitable for rafting from Mae Tang River to Muang Kong sub-district in Chiang Dao district. The route is supported for eco-tourism and those who like adventure.

Vieng Haeng’s Buddhist beliefs are visible in every aspect of daily life. The dress is unique to the tribe and can be seen at a major festival. Vieng Haeng is home to many ethnic minorities who co-exist peacefully; Lisu, Lahu, Karen, Palaung, Pa-O, Shan and Tai Lue. They retain their unique customs and traditions. As the area is still rich of nature and there has yet to overtake the district, most people follow a simple lifestyle making a living from agriculture.

Vieng Haeng community has a long history as there was a route march of King Naresuan the Great. There are important archaeological sites and relics such as “Wat Phrathat San Hai which is very famous and sacred.

Don’t miss this…

Activities for guests:

  • Trek to nature and historical trails: The community has both nature and historical trails for guests. Along the nature trail, local guide will present the forest, medicinal plants, local vegetables and fruits. Guests will have chance to lunch in the forest and swim in the waterfall. At the ancient time, the community was a route march of King Naresuan the Great, the locals feel proud to present these stories to their guests.
  • Enjoy Shan local tasty food; Guests will enjoy local tasty food with local vegetables and fruits. The community also has the local chili paste called “Nam Prix Kua Sai” which guests can support as souvenirs for their families and friends and do not miss to taste this delicious dish!
  • Enjoy local dance performance: local dancers usually teenagers and housewives, dressed in colourful costumes blend dance with the natural movements of wild animals or “Jaad Tai.” This project was initiated by a local teacher and housewives group.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Tourism management in Vieng Haeng is a tool which villagers can exchange their knowledge to each other. This is also the channel to pass the knowledge and local wisdom to young generations. The young people are interested and built their capacity by young guides training project.

Tourism activities make the villagers prepare themselves to be ready for welcome guests at any time. The locals also have the development works in the community such as waste management project.