Vieng Bua


Baan Vieng Bua is located approximately 14 kilometers to the south of Phayao town. The village is Lanna village or Northern Thai village. Guests should inform the coordinator in advance for the convenience.

The highlights of Vieng Bua Community

“Traditional Lanna style arts and crafts; history and local way of Northern Thai life”

Why is Vieng Bua special?

Baan Vieng Bua is settled in the south of Phayao city. Formerly, the village was a crockery villageThis is traditional Lanna style arts and crafts. There have the ancient wall and the ancient Brick Kilns which are now conserving in the archeologist sites and Vieng Bua Community Learning Center.

Guests to Vieng Bua are allowed a fascinating insight into the daily lives of the villagers. The community is the local Northern Thai or “Lanna” people which guests can enjoy and participate in community activities and traditions all the year. And give a hand with host in organic agriculture and cooking.

“La-On Pandin” a group of youth people in Vieng Bua which build for the conservative works in the community. They are the main group to enforce the new generations in the community to learn and conserve their culture, local wisdom in crockery and natural environmental resources management.

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Activities for guests:

  • History: The community is also a large ancient settlement. There have the ancient wall and the ancient Brick Kilns. Vieng Bua Sacrifice Ground which will be held on the 21st March each year; the anniversary of the discovery of the ancient Brick Kilns, the activities are about the local Northern Thai or “Lanna” people which guests can enjoy and participate in with local people;
  • Culture and Tradition: Enjoy and participate in local livelihoods with warm welcoming of the community and homestay host. Baan Vieng Bua is originally a crockery village for long time ago. This was an old community occupation and was very famous at ancient time. Guests can observe the local wisdom of the villagers with molding crockery in the original way;
  • Traditional Lanna Art performances: Traditional dances and music are performed by local youth and women group in the community. Guests can also enjoy the soothing melodies of traditional northern drum instruments “Klong Sabat Chai”.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Vieng Bua community considered the opportunities of developing tourism by start CBT in 2006 in order to support community development and conservation initiatives and encourage people to work together. Working in tourism has given the community members a chance to share the things which they feel proud of with guests. Appreciation from guests has motivated the youth even more to continue their conservation work.

Vieng Bua is still conserving community culture, tradition, local wisdom, archeologist resources, and self-sufficient agriculture. Community group activities are for self-development and additional income for the families and the community.