Rong Hai


Baan Rong Hai village was settled over a hundred years ago. The village is the Northern Thai village, located near Phayao municipally; it takes only 2 kilometers from the city. Baan Rong Hai is a blacksmithing village.

The highlights of Rong Hai Community

“Mountains, fascinating archeological sites, scenic boat journey, experience blacksmithing, basketry and Buddhism.”

Why is Rong Hai special?

Baan Rong Hai is a blacksmithing village. In 1915, people migrated from Baan Kad Mek, Amphur Muang, Lampang province which brought the wisdom of blacksmithing to the village. This is an old community occupation which still exists. There are 10 brick kilns in the village.

The village is settled in the southwest of “Kwan Phayao”. Kwan Phayao is the largest fresh-water fish habitat in the upper North of Thailand and provides the livelihoods of many local people. The surrounding sceneries are beautiful hills; Doi Hnok and “Doi Ananlayo” are particularly beautiful mountains, and among famous sites of the Phayao province. Guests will see the local fishing. Many families earn their living by fishing.

Along the Rong Hai stream, there are many interesting archeologist sites to explore, which cover an overall area of 147 rais.

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Activities for guests:

  • Visit historical sites: The community is a large ancient settlement. From the evidence of a sandstone Buddha image and fragments of an inscription discovered, it is assumed to be aged around 500 years. The community used to be an independent state with its own rulers before it became a part of the Lanna Thai Kingdom in the mid-14th century;
  • Observe local fishing and bird-watching: Local fishing in Kwan Phayao. Take a boat and observe the community’s fishing with local instruments for trapping the fish. Visit the Fish Palace or “Wong Matcha”;
  • Blacksmithing village: An old community occupation which still exists. Observe the local wisdom of the villagers, working to craft metalwork with traditional tools. And observe the local wisdom of basketry. Two types of basketry products of the village are made from water hyacinths and bamboo;
  • Offer alms to the Buddhist monks: Join in an ancient tradition and accrue merit for this life and the next, by offering alms to Rong Hai monks.

Green Corner: People and Planet

Baan Rong Hai is still conserving community culture and tradition. Local way of life is still the identity of the community. Rong Hai community has developed tourism to makes villagers start to interest in the community development term. Working in tourism has given the community members a chance to share the things which they feel proud of with guests.